Head Sculpture

Hello Cruel world!

Welcome to CultuReroll.com


This is a new blog which will focus mainly on gaming, culture and this strange, strange world we live on.

Anything is fair game. There will be no adverts or videos popping out at you whilst you are trying to read. I’ll keep the layout simple and clean on purpose. That’s until on the very slight chance this becomes successful and then I’ll instantly sell out and cover this page in annoying ads like everybody else does. 😉

Hopefully we will post articles you want to read. Who knows? Maybe not….

I’m personally an avid gamer. Mostly consoles and handheld. I’m also a musician and getting into photography which I’ll often post along with articles to make them look all nice.

As I roll along, I hope to pick up more writers, artists and contributors who have interesting things to say and write about. Contact me if you fancy being involved!

That’s it for now. As you were!



About Dale Goodridge

A Yorkshireman living in Melbourne, Australia. A musician, writer and budding photographer.