Red Dead Redemption 2 Teaser

The long wait for Red Dead Redemption 2

Like most gamers, I was truly excited by Rockstar’s PR tease last week and the subsequent reveal of the sequel to the amazing Red Dead Redemption.

A few days later and that same excitement has turned back into some frustration. They said it would be released in Fall 2017. The negative side of me says that with the inevitable few months delay before release that most games seem to have now, that means we probably won’t see it until 2018. That’s IN A MILLION YEARS TIME ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!




My Redemption.


I have just recently completed Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360. I took the time to 100% the game. As usual with Rockstar games, it is often a frustrating and thankless task to work through the side missions and various things you need to do. I don’t think I’ve ever been as rage quitting angry with a game as I was trying to kill a bear with a knife!


Red Dead Redemption Bear


When you do get to 100%, it is a real sense of accomplishment. Life stays the same but you think you should be on TV or something. Some kind of hero. Forget PS4 Trophies, you want someone to knock on your door and give you a real Trophy! 😀

I tried telling people on Twitter. I was expecting and wanting 1000+ RT’s for my amazing achievement but nobody was remotely bothered as most had finished it back in 2010. 🙁

As we know these games take a long time to make. Especially with the mad details that Rockstar put into their games. GTAV still astounds me with its level of detail. I’m sure Red Dead Redemption 2 will equally blow our kilts up!

The atmosphere and story of Red Dead Redemption was unmatched. The graphics, scenery and sound were top-notch. Hardly dated for which is now a six-year-old game. I was sat playing it in 2016 and kept saying to myself that even recent ‘Next Gen’ games can barely match the experience of this engrossing game. It truly is one of the best video games of all time.


Red Dead Redemption Poster


A Red Dead Redemption prequel?


Looking at the trailer that Rockstar released, it seems to be a prequel telling the story of John Marston’s time in an outlaw gang with Dutch van der Linde. The teased artwork invokes The Magnificent Seven which is fine by me.

One of Red Dead Redemption’s main themes was the death of the ‘Old West’ and the change into a more sophisticated world. A world that John Marston and his type would struggle to survive in.

The game ends in 1914, the same year the First World War started. The Gatling Gun featured throughout the game was always a reminder of this sudden, brutal change. The Old West was hard but nothing like what was about to happen to the world.

It would be hard for Rockstar to continue past this time and story, so the natural thing to do is go backwards to keep the interesting John Marston (and that untainted ‘Old West’) in the story and I’m very sure there is much more of his story to tell.

Of course Rockstar could be messing with us as usual but I’m assuming that this is the direction they are going in.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Logo


Red Dead Redemption Online… Buffalo Cards?


It’s now been over three years since Rockstar released a game. Their outward focus has been on the ongoing development and promotion of GTAV Online. The only worry I have for Red Dead Redemption 2 is that the focus is not too much on the online stuff like I fear. I really hope they keep the single player aspect separate to the online multiplayer like in GTAV. I’m not the biggest fan of the nihilistic and often annoying gameplay of GTAV online that other gamers bring to it yet Rockstar have clearly been putting a lot of time and effort into it. They believe in it. They clearly earn a lot of money from it.

But I can’t speak for everyone. Many love GTAV Online and are waiting for something similar with Red Dead Redemption 2. I prefer to soak up the single player experience.

Whatever the game is and what it contains, like many, this will be a day one buy for me.

Hopefully we will see more about the game sooner than later!


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